Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A lovely Evening with Sara

Sara has spent way too much time with us crazy Americans! I love it!
I had a WONDERFUL dinner with one of my favorite people in Katowice.  Her name is Sara Wala.  Sara is from, Skocz√≥w the same town that h2o is near, and is finishing her university studies up here in Katowice.  She is part of our youth group leadership team this year and I am looking forward to many more talks like we had tonight.

On Sunday, I asked Sara if we could together, and she said "Yes!"
"Where would you like to go?"
"Tuesday!  And can we go to  . . . Pizza Hut?" she asked with a BIG smile.  Susan Ellis (my teammate) and I introduced Sara to Pizza Hut this spring and she LOVED it!  (Pizza Hut is really good here.)

So off we met at Pizza Hut tonight.  During our time, we talked about many different subjects, but the one that excited me the most was when I asked her what she was learning with her relationship with Jesus.  Her smiled got bigger, and she said, "I can't stop reading the Bible! I read and write things about what I would like to hear in sermons, write is all down and then I read more and more and, I love it!" (paraphrased)

Sara's passion for the Word of God is inspiring!  Our conversation was and encouragement and only solidified my goal this school year to be even more intentional with my relationships here with the youth of Katowice.  It was a joyous evening!  Just wanted you to rejoice with me! :)

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