About Me

My name is Alice Robbins.  I visited Eastern Europe for the first time in 1991 on a short term mission trip. During this time I lost her heart to the youth of the former Soviet satellite counties.  In 2001, I co-lead my church's youth group to help lead an English Camp in Poland, there I once again lost my heart, but more specifically to the youth of Poland.

I live in Katowice, Poland since 2006 and work with Josiah Venture, a ministry whose goal is to equip young leaders in Eastern Europe to fulfill Christ's commission.

Showing young people their value in God's eyes and equipping them to show others has been one of my joys for the past 22 years of working with youth! I was surprised and humbled as I answered the call to pick up my life in Colorado and move to Poland.  Living in a former former Soviet satellite country has had it's challenges and is joys!!  I still have to sometimes pinch myself and make sure I am not dreaming!

Currently I am invovled with my local church in worship, youth group ministry, discipling young women, technical support and summer English camps.  When I am not doing all of that, I also am working with my team on communications, and video/technical services.

My prayer for the youth of Poland is from Eph 1:17-19, that  “ . . . the eyes of their hearts may be enlightened in order that they may know the hope to which he [Christ] has called them.”

This blog is full of my weekly and sometimes daily thoughts, struggles, and praises, disappointments, encouragements and accomplishments of my small part in God's INCREDIBLE, UNFORGETTABLE story.