Thursday, October 06, 2011

He inspired me to think different (Ramblings about Steve Jobs)

I was having problems sleeping last night.  Just when I was drifting AGAIN (at 2 am), my phone alarm went off.  (I had forgotten to silence it as I normally do when I sleep.)
I looked at it and saw the announcement of the death of Steve Jobs.

Steve's life has not only influenced the world through the amazing gift of creativity and drive that God gave him, but also caused me to look at things a bit differently.  I can honestly say that I would not be the computer "nerd" that I am had it not been for the Apple computer.  My talents and skills in video and design, as humble as they are, would not have happens had to not been for the iMac 1986 version and then the Apple 2e and so on.  For that, I thank Mr. Jobs.

I loved the way he captured an audience, and try to copy it at times.  I loved the way he thought out of the box, and I try to do it, even though I am not really on "out of the box" kind of person.  He inspired me to "think different" about how I looked at technology and how it shapes the world.

My uncle gave my brother and I a TRS-80 (Radio Shack computer complete with 1mb cassette tape hard "drive") when we were kids.  That changed my life, and it intimidated me.  I used the computer because I knew I had to learn it for my future.  Then, along comes Steve and he made me WANT to use the computer and that helped open up so much of my own creativity.

It is funny how a computer guy also influenced my youth ministry.  Because of his creativity and ingenuity, Steve captured the youth.  Beauty and function coming together.  For ministry, it is Truth and practical living.  He inspired me to use what students were attracted to as a tool to introduce the Kingdom.

As I read the Bible it amazes me how God used people who would not acknowledge Him as Lord and yet He still used them for HIS Glory.  That still happens today.  I look at all of the youth  ministries who have been inspired and helped through the creativity of this man.

Last night, when I heard of Steve Job's death, my first thought was, "I wonder where he is now?"  I hope that Steve did acknowledge and turned to his Creator.

Then I think about my life and my influence.  I know that I will not influence the vast number of people as Steve has, but it causes me to ponder, what am I doing NOW to cause this generation to "think different" and then "do different" for the Kingdom of God.

These are my words of process as I mourn the loss of a technology/creative mentor.  Thank you Steve for the way you have influenced my life in the way I use "worldly" things to impact the Kingdom of Heaven.  I hope that I get to see you there someday.

Justin Taylor's blog concludes my thoughts well: "From a spiritual perspective, this much can be said with certainty: Steve Jobs, created in the image of God, was a remarkable example of God’s common grace in his aesthetics and creativity and productivity.
And we can all hope that in his final days, this recipient of so much common grace found rest in God’s sovereign saving grace."

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