About You!

Like what you are reading and want to be a part of what God is doing in Poland?

Join my team!!
Prayer team  I need 100 people who will commit to pray for me on a regular basis (weekly to monthly)  and at least 25 who will pray for me daily!
I NEED your prayers! 

The enemy is strong here, but our Lord is stronger and I need prayer warriors to help me fight this heavenly battle on their knees.

Financial team I am in need of increasing my support due to ministry needs, Poland inflation, switching to the Euro and general living expenses.  CLICK HERE  

Care Package Team There are many wonderful things in Poland, and yet some things that you can only get at home!  Here is a list of the things I am missing! Here are my top ten most missed items!

Would you consider blessing me with even just ONE of these items?? 

1. Bongo Billy’s or Starbucks coffee!  Honestly, Polish coffee is just okay, and nothing is like a cup of  Starbucks Mocha Java or Bongo Billy’s Buena Visa  Mocha Java blends!
2. iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards for my Kindle
3. Magazine subscriptions to my Poland address or iTunes gift card digital subscriptions.
         - Christian Research Journal
         - MacLife
         - Youth Ministry
         - Discipleship
4. Books that have blessed you, amused you, challenged you, or encouraged you!
5. Dry Ranch, Italian dressings
6. Reeses peanut butter cups and Stawberry Twizlers!  :) 
7. Chocolate and/or butterscotch chips (even any other flavored chip for cookies)
8. Skippy SMOOTH peanut butter
9. Jello-Brand Chocolate pudding, AND chocolate and/or butterscotch chips!
10.Snail mail and cards!!  I love to get mail!  I hardly get any at all!