Monday, May 02, 2011

Exit Tour

This past week I went to Świbodzin, Poland where we had our Exit Tour.  What is Exit Tour?  It is a program that we have to get into schools to help students in practical life subjects such as relationships, sex, cults, gangs, self-esteem, and English.  We bring in adults to conduct seminars during the day and then at the end of the week, we have a big concert at the city culture center.  At that concert our band shares their testimony and then we had everything over to the local church that works with us at the after-concert party the next day.  We will not go into a city where there is not a church who will not follow up on the students who came to the after party.

I had quite a few significant talks with students about my story and even was able to bridge the subject between friends.  It was a great moment to see a young woman ask her friend about her journey to Jesus!

A personal note.  Świebodzin is a place full of mixed emotions for me.  They now have the largest Jesus statue in the world and it is quickly becoming a pilgrimage location.  What is funny about the location is that there is a Tesco (like Walmart) just across the street.  There is a Polish joke already that says: "What came before Jesus?  Tesco!"  It looses a lot of laugh with translation, but the base of the joke is that because Tesco was built 5 years before the Jesus statue, it was "created" before Jesus.  The joke brings laughs, and yet on a spiritual level, it brings sadness to me that even in this area of Poland, materialism is coming out "on top" of spiritual things. (My header photo is the top of the Jesus. )

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