Monday, April 25, 2011


Yesterday, I was with my JV family for Easter. It was a GREAT time!  I also got to bring my flatmate and her sister Jola with me.  They had a good time of observing how a bunch of Americans can sit around a table and laugh and have fun.  I was sad to have them leave early since Jola's orphanage only allowed her to be gone for a few hours.

When I got back from taking them to the bus stop, we watched a movie and then started telling stories and giving each other story puzzles.  Some of us knew many of them,or I should say knew part of many of them.  We laughed and laughed as some of us loved doing the puzzles and others did not, yet were gracious enough to participate.  We also played the game Apples to Apples. Try doing that with 4 people who have counselor degrees was fun for me as I had a great time just watching them and listening to their guesses!

This is truly a day where we could all forget about our ministries and just be together!  I did not leave until almost midnight and things were still going on!  What a great day!  I woke up today feeling rested!  It has been a while since that has happened!

Today I go to my neighbors to celebrate the day after Easter!  Whahoo!

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