Monday, May 09, 2011

Hut, Hut

My reaction just after getting tickets
                                                     For anyone who knows me, you could imagine my excitement when I was invited to an American football game here in Katowice!  The university here has a football team.  They are the Silesian Miners.  There are 7 teams in the Silesia "state".  It is kind of like a high school level game, but so much fun to watch!  Jacob Hash and I joined the game with international group of people who go to our church for an afternoon of football!  I think we entertained some of the Poles as Jacob and I did Denver's In-Com-Plete (wah wah wah wah) cheer!  :)  So much fun!
What was funny for us, was the cheer "Let's go offence, let's go!"  But with the Polish accent it came out, "Let's go All-Friends, let's go." We tried to start a wave, but it was contained to just the six of us. . .some things just do not translate.  Our international friends had fun learning how to do the wave though!   I had fun teaching our friends the rules of the game and I found out that I really do know referee hand signals!  :)  Also, the commentator was on the sideline and was SO biast FOR the Miners, it was funny!

I look forward to more games.  At just $3 a game, I guess there will never be a strike.  These guys play for the joy of the game.  The fans come to cheer and learn about an American pass time.   Did I mention that the Miners lost. . . so sad.  If they had a better special team effort, they would have won.  Oh, well.  Maybe next season.

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