Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today is "Good-Bye" for now

We are saying good-bye to a precious sister today.  Bożena Furgała died unexpectedly on Monday.  It was a shock for her husband, sons, family and friends.

When I got the news from Laura Hash, my eyes filled with tears and images of Bożena over the past few weeks flashed before my eyes.  Every single one of them were of her smiling at me before hugging me.

How did Bożena impact my life though?  She was one of the first ladies of the church to physically embrace me!  I know that sounds a bit strange for Americans, but I considered it an honor that she would be the one who made the move first.

Every Sunday in church, she made sure that she greeted me and spoke to me as if I knew Polish as well as she did.  When she saw a blank look on my face, she smiled and repeated it while tapping my upper chest gently, I think she thought that would help me understand more.  Her patience with my Polish ministered to me.   :)

The last Sunday I saw here we had a nice chat.  She was happy to be helping with Dan Hash's 50th birthday party and in her normal place in our church, near the coffee/tea tables getting everything ready.  Bożena was a quiet servant of our Family.  Even thought she struggled through illness, she always showed me grace and love.

Będę tęsknić droga siostro. Dziękuję za miłość i życie!
I will miss you, dear sister.  Thank you for your love and life!

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