Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Long day, GREAT day!

I got home tonight after a 9 hour marathon of meeting with 3 wonderful young ladies.  All at different stages in their journey with Jesus.
It struck me again today, what a privilege it is to be in each one's life.  They are fellow journey(wo)men and each seeks for her own identity and worth in her life.  The conversations went from how school is hard and how exciting a sister's July wedding will be to apologetics and defending one's faith to a intellectual teacher as well as a ultra conservative "live not in or of the world" roommate, and then to the subject the church and how it should really look like and what and who are the wolves that we need to identify and fight.  So many deep things, that my head is literally hurting from thinking and talking so long.

And yet, I am at peace and think of what a wonderful day it has been.   God is so good even in the tough stuff.

Note to self:  When in Poland, please wear a full coat and scarf and even a hat when it is 36 degrees and sunny.  A warm sweater only brings disbelieving and disapproving stares.  I am sure half of Katowice think that I will wake up sick in the morning due to my lack of "bundling up"!  :)   It really was a wonderful, sunny day!  I was not going to ruin it with a silly coat!  :)

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