Thursday, February 10, 2011

A New Sobering Statistic

The picture is a bit fuzzy, but you can find the full report here on Operation Word's website.

Poland has less Evangelical believers than even Libya Jordan, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia!

That is Less than 100,000 in a country of over 38 million!!!  My heart breaks even more for Poland!  

O LORD!  Fill this country with your Spirit!  Cause the people of Poland to seek YOU, not religion or money. Comfort your followers in the land where loneliness and separation screams in the darkness! Give them confidence and courage to declare YOUR Truth to their family, friends and co-workers! Please bring more workers to help the church reach this country for YOU!

Would you too pray for Poland?  Would you consider coming and seeing if God would have Poland in your future??  The harvest is ready!!  The hearts are so needy!   


Mallory said...

Wow Alice. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes I forget how to express how dark Poland really is.

mylife4jesus said...

WE ARE COMING!!!! This is so interesting, especially considering the fact that it's considered a Christian nation...yet so much darkness. We will continue to pray!