Thursday, March 03, 2011

FAT THURSDAY! Tłusty Czwartek!

It is a tradition here in Poland that the Thursday that proceeds "Lent" is the day when you can eat as many pączki or doughnuts as you can get in your stomach!  Really, it is a big deal here!  Long lines of people form in bakeries!  I have never seen quite as many doughnuts as I have on this one day of the year.  Poland goes CRAZY over these little balls of fat, flour, sugar and gooey inside stuff!  I was driving down to our camp H2O this morning and due to the line of cars off the side of the road, I thought that there was an accident . . . but no, a line to get into the roadside bakery!

These doughnuts are all filled with jams, fruit and what I discovered today. . . Nutella! Yum!

My dear brother Łucasz was kind enough to model what it looks like when a Pole eats a doughnut on Fat Thursday!  Tomorrow is the day when you use restraint and the stock on doughnuts crashes!


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