Saturday, March 05, 2011

"I am Catholic, I believe in the old man up there, but I will never go to church again."

"Kitchen" Ice Breaker Game 
Pancake toss 

This is what one young man told me today at an English club in Gardowice, Poland.   I will call him, "Darek".  I met Derek last year at English camp and we hit it off.  I was pleasantly surprised today at a new English Club when he came right up to me and started talking.

During club, I had the Bible story time.  This week, we celebrated "Fat Thursday" here in Poland, where everyone stuffs themselves with doughnuts, so the theme of this club was "What are you full of?" I told the story of how Jesus offered a full life to the woman at the well.  I challenged the students to think about what their lives are filled with and encouraged them to think about Jesus being the ONE to make life worth living.

Explaining how to make doughnuts
After club, Darek and I talked about what fills his life.  "Sports", he said.  Then he listed all the sports that he participates in.  I ask him what he thought about the talk and he said that it was interesting. I asked him if he went to church and he said, "No, not since I went to confirmation. The church is empty.  I believe in God, that old man up there," he pointed to the sky,"but, I will never go to church again. I live my own life."  This is the second similar conversation I had this week.
Learning new "cooking" vocabulary.

Please pray for Darek, that he will think about what was said today and that next month when we have club again that he and I can talk more.

Also, please pray for "Kasia" (not her real name), who I am starting to meet with.  My meeting with her was the other conversation I had this week. She has NO idea that she needs a relationship with Jesus to find purpose and peace in her life.

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mylife4jesus said...

Wow...THIS is why we are going to Poland this summer! I will post this one in the group for everyone else to see!