Monday, February 07, 2011

What a great game! Did not like the results, but a great game!

Well, it was a great night!  The game started at mid-night and ended by four-thirty.  Who hired the "blond chick" to sing the wrong song?  Yeah, I know who it was but to mention her name would just bring more humiliation to her.  Wonder what did thought about when she woke up this morning??  ;)   And what was up with the sound for the Black-Eyed Peas?  So sad!

We had a full house here and cheered for both teams.  I was the only one who was really cheering for the Steelers.  Dan jumped in toward the end, though.  :)  Yesterday was the NFC's game.  Oh, well, at least Rodgers is cute!  Matthews, dude, you played GREAT but get a haircut!!   :)

The best part though was being together!  The Hashes, Susan Ellis and Erin S., along with my roommie (who had to go to bed soon after the game started).   We enjoyed laughing, cheering, skypping with Dan's family, calling my family (my bro and I enjoyed laughing about the un-named bumbling blond) and watching the game.

It may be very "earthly", but is was a joy that you feel more intensely when you are away from home.  Thank you, Lord for the little things!

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Claire Patty said...

It's always nice to get a little American culture into normal life here! :)

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