Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Bit of Americana Tonight!

It is a tradition when you do it more than once right??  Well, if that is true, Super Bowl night becomes "Let's go to Alice's" night!  I get the Super Bowl on ESPN America, so all of my fellow Americans in the area want to celebrate this wonderful meeting of the brains and muscles.  The only problem is that it starts late for us!  This year though it starts at 11 pm! Gotta love Central Standard time!

So the Hashes, Erin S. and Susan Ellis are coming over to celebrate and cheer!  I think I am alone though routing for the Steelers!  I just cannot bring myself to root for Green Bay!  Just can't!  So I hope this picture is the outcome of the game.  GB chasing after Pits the whole time.  If not, I will have some crow to eat!  

I went upstairs to warn my neighbors (and invite them) and they just laughed and said, "No problem, Alice.  We know it is an important holiday for you!! "

So here we go!  I never got into the pre game shows, but since I am here, it is kind of fun.  Too bad we will not get the half-time show. . . I was looking forward to finally a good group doing it!  Oh, well.  We will watch and rate the commercials on the Internet since we don't get them either!  BUT we get the game that that is all I want to see!  Super Bowl baby!!!  Super Bowl!!

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