Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting Ready To Go Home/Leave Home

I have had such a great two months in Colorado.  Not just because it FINALLY snowed and I got to go to not one, but TWO Bronco games (thank you Pat and Chuck) but this time home has been filled with blessed times with people and more than one or two acts of love that has been lavished on me!  God has shown me (once again) how much He loves me and how precious I am in His sight.  Not all of my material goals have been met yet, but, I leave here rested and refreshed as well as encouraged and challenged.  God is good! 

I am getting ready to jump on a plane next week to my home in Poland and look forward to being with my roommate and friends!  I have missed them so much!  Every time I told a story, I looked at my calendar to see how many more days until my return.  I long to be with my friends and JV family and yet I long to stay here with my family and friends just as much. 

If you have never lived a life where two homes pull you, it is hard to understand my dilemma.  I love both places and love people there and there. . . Now that I am getting ready to leave here, I am longing to stay here. . . just as I am longing to be in Poland. . .

If this is confusing for you . . . just imagine my brain and heart right now! 

Thanks for praying and please pray that I leave well here and that the next month will be a good transition time! 

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