Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Loss, Dan's Gain!

This week one of my brother's closest friends went home to heaven this week.   Dan prayed for me for the past several years as I have been in Poland.  Every time I returned to America, I tried to go see him.  Our conversations were not about him and the difficult life he had, but on what God was doing in Poland. He rarely would talk about himself.  He always wanted to know how he could pray for me and the Poland youth.

Our conversation continued a few weeks ago when I went to visit, Dan asked, "How are the students responding to Jesus?"  What a question!  He was bedridden, in pain, waiting for his trip home to heaven, and yet he wanted to know what God was doing in the lives of Polish youth!  I wish I knew him as deeply my brother did, but what I did know, I consider it a great blessing in my life! 

My last visit with Dan.  It was a great time!

We will be celebrating Dan's life next month.  I am happy that the memorial will happen before I return to Poland.  Dan has been a great prayer support for me!  I rejoice that he can now dance and run and jump in worship before our King!

Please be in prayer for Dan's family.  This was not an unexpected death, and yet there is a great void in their lives.  Please pray for peace and comfort and hope.

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Connie said...

That was a precious post about an obviously others-centered, godly man. Glad he is in heaven, dancing and singing and free from pain. But I know there is always a loss and void for those who are left. May the Lord fill that as only He can in the days and months to come.

Miss you Alice!