Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a wonderful time in American! Hello Poland!

I love being in America!  I love all of the Mexican restaruants, Starbucks coffee places, King Soopers and yes, Wallmarts!  I love being with my family and watching my little nephew Liam take some of his first steps!  I love seeing my nephew David increase his vocabulary each and everyday.  We were amazed at some of the stuff he said!  I love spending time with mom and dad, just hanging out and relaxing.  I love seeing my brother and sister-in-law becoming AWESOME parents!  My nephews are in WONDERFUL hands! 
I love the way my friends have loved me so well this trip back.  Not that it has not happened before, but this time it was different.  We went deeper in our conversations and I was blessed beyond my wildest dreams during this trip. 
I love the way God blesses me with all of these relationships and so much more.  This trip was one that truly confirmed that I am in the right place, Poland.  I love America with both sadness and joy.  I go to Poland with excitement and anticipation!

Thank you, Lord for your blessings and your love by the people you have placed in my life! 

My family whom I will miss!!!



Thank you for your love and the wonderful time that I got to spend with you!  For my friends, I have been blessed beyond words!  Thank you!

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