Monday, July 05, 2010

They are BACK and almost got a piece of me!

I was getting out of my car late tonight when I noticed a movement just to the left of me. . . I thought it was a dog.  No, it was a mama Wild Pig! We have them here and they come into the city often since no one does anything about them.  They are a real problem here. . . anyway.  I then saw three little piglets behind her and she looked at me and started at me.  I jumped back into my car and honked my horn,  sorry neighbors!  She stopped and ran around my car with her "kids".  I waited for a few moments to make sure they passed and then got out of the car.  As I was quickly walking to my building door, I hear a dog growl, pig squeak, wrestling and then a very hurt dog cry.  I closed my door and thanked God it was not me doing the crying!   Hopefully this will be the only encounter this year, although, last time this happened, we had them here until fall.  Our interns Chris and Kelly were here too. . . . that was the last time the pigs came to my house. . . I wonder if Chris and Kelly brought them?  Could be!  :)

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