Thursday, June 24, 2010

My "Luck" Ran Out

I have always wondered why I am the only team member to have not been stopped by the police.  I thought, 'Well, I do try to go the speed limit and follow all of the rules, so they should leave me alone."  One of my team members calls me "Granny".  :)

I was bringing the our summer intern's van back to the Hash's house from Krakow late last night.  Here in Poland you must have the registration or "documents"  with you at all times or you will get your car taken away.  The "documents" also must be on your person and not stay in the car, so if you have a "group" vehicle, you have to pass the "documents" on every time someone else uses it.  I thought the intern's left the document glove box since one of the interns had just driven it and handed me the keys.  No, it was in his pocket and he forgot to give it to me and I forgot to make sure I had it.

I had just gotten out of the toll booth on the main highway when I saw a policeman point at me and wave me over. . . GREAT!  What did I do?  I was only going 50km!  I stopped and he asked me for the "documents".  I opened up the glove box and all that was in there were cd's. . . . (inside I was really panicking because I am also still waiting for my physical Polish license card from the Katowice DMV)  I told the police officer that the van was our organization's and the last person must still have them, I would call them and ask them to bring them.  I also did not understand everything he was saying and if there was a really big problem have Laura help me with a little translation.  He smiled (don't know if it was a "yeah, right" smiled or, "I will give you a break" smile.  I called Laura and she got the "documents" and said that she would come right away.

The officer's partner then came up and asked for my license, at this point my stress level shot through the roof due to my lack of the physical license.  I gave them my Colorado license and they asked if I had a residence card.  I gave them it.  He smiled and said,  "Colorado!  I like!" They then asked me where I lived and I said Katowice.  They asked me where my Polish license was and I said at the Katowice DMV office and they smiled.  They gave me my stuff back and I told them that I would wait for my boss to come and they said, "No, go wait over there at the gas station."  I took that as grace from both God and the officers and drove away thanking the officers and wishing them a pleasant evening.
Laura came soon after with the 'documents' I needed.  The rest of the trip I drove with no problem, but was looking for the police to pull me over again to make sure I had done what I said I would do.  They must have gone for a coffee break!

God was so good though!  Police often stop people here for no reason beyond a "safety check" and if everything well, slap you will hugh fines or even take your car.  None of that happened and I even used my Polish even though I was nervous on the inside, I kept is cool on the outside.  I knew that even in this 'little' thing, God was with me and He would see me through no matter what the police would have done.   I received grace and mercy las night and I am very grateful!


Autumn said...

Maybe your luck didn't QUITE run out then. ;)

Just Us - The Carlsons said...

Alice a dialog with the Police under stress??????? Awesome!

Glad Laura was "nearby".