Monday, June 07, 2010

Well done!

Some of the youth group and students
Three students and one professor from Colorado Christian University, came and shared their lives here in Poland with us this last week.  It was a great time to watch God move in their lives and in the lives of the Polish youth that attended the mini-camp we had at a Jr. High school.  God was in this camp.  We, a Protestant group should not have been able to get into a school here especially a village school where they try to protect their Catholic values from cults and other religions.  The youth are protected fiercely, so to have this opportunity to share the Truth of Christ was an blessing!  The head mistress loved us!  The kids loved the classes and the club that we did after school.  They even came back on a holiday weekend to come to the final club meeting!   We rapped up the week by going to a local orphanage.  The kids had never met Americans before and they wept as we left.  I am not sure they get any visitors at all.

What was a joy for me to see, was the youth group of the Brethren Church step up and love on these students!  They have been praying that God would give them something to push them beyond their comfort zone.  This week did and they learned first hand what it is like to serve outside the church.   Tears came to my eyes as we watched the week recap video because I saw so many school kids surrounded by church kids.  A few even got brave enough to come to youth group on Saturday night!  God is moving!  Please continue to be in prayer for the Palowice youth group as they strategize the next steps of outreach.


Troy Stokes Ellenwood said...

Sounds like a great movement from our Great God. thankful that the kids saw Jesus walking among them and are responding. Will be praying and watching to see what God is doing.

Just Us - The Carlsons said...

So wonderful Alice - thanks for serving last week and, especially, thanks for sharing with us how it went.