Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Rain and More English

Today is our last English class day.  It was a mini-camp lasting 3 days.  Tomorrow is a holiday and then on Friday we will have our "CLUB" and parents are invited.  Please be praying for this time.  Please pray for the area with the rain.   Driving to the school today was not too bad, but if we get any more, the town we are staying in will be isolated by water.  We are to get two more days of rain.  This morning water was leaking into the church we are staying in and parts of the parking lot had large pools of  water.  The volleyball court was covered with water and the soccer field looks like a marsh. 

Please pray for continued conversations here at camp over the next few days!

These two young men wanted to know the specks of my computer and it was interesting to try to turn the conversation around to their lives and need for Truth.

I hope to continue the conversation today and then Friday.

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