Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My First English Camp

Getting the teachers to do "Little Cabin In The Woods."
This week we have had 4 members of Colorado Christian University come and spend 3 days at a Junior High school.  It has been fun to see the three students teach English and do stories from last year's camp curriculum.   We will later go to an orphanage and down to Czech to see Josiah Venture's hotel/head quarters and a look at our H2O camp.  We love the fact that CCU has taken an interest in what we are doing in Poland.  This is the 3rd group who has come and we hope to have many more!

I got to lead the fun song "chants" and music!
Group discussions after the story.

 On a personal note: The professor who is with the group is a very good friend of my friends the Tonkin's.  It has been like having family here!  What a blessing this group has been to me!  Also, I have had a GREAT time teaming up with my dear teammate, Susan!  We work really well together!  I hope to do more events with her!

I am looking forward to going to 3 summer camps this year!  I get to finally see the Polish seaside!  Yippee!!!  :)

Please pray as I am entering my busiest season of the year!

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Troy Stokes Ellenwood said...

Hi Alice, it is good reading your post and so glad the team was fun. We went to Rockmont when it was in Longmont CO then they moved to Denver and changed the name. So Mel is part of the alumni. Just a note of info. Good seeing you lead the singing also. Will pray for you this summer.