Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enough of the Sad News! Here Some Fun News!

On April 10th my former roomie, Monika got married.  Her husband is a Australian MK whose family has run a Christian Center in an old Polish Palace in a village about 3 1/2 hours from Katowice for over 20 years.   Three freinds from our church in Katowice were in the wedding, so we all went together.  It was a great weekend with them!
Half of the guest were from Australia and I LOVED being surrounded by their accent.  I have never spent so much time with "blokes' like them before though.  I found out that they really are a nation that loves to joke around and laugh, a lot!  (Did you know that there are as many Australian accent as there are American?  Well, it felt that way.  Some of the guys I understood with no problem, but some. . . I still am not sure what they said!)
The opposite were the Polish guests who not only were mourning the loss of the Polish President, but also are not as loud and "free" in their fun with strangers.  It  was a very interesting experience of two cultures.  I actually found myself hanging with the Poles more!
One funny little thing was at meals that we fixed in the provided apartment.  The Ausies (all guys) just fixed a plate for themselves and ate on the couch.  The Poles made a full meal and set the table ate and cleaned up all it the same time.  It was fun to make meals with my friends!  
It was very funny to hear Polish spoken with a thick Australian accent too!  Now I know what the Poles hear with my American accent as I speak Polish!
God was there and the whole time was a blessed!

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