Monday, February 08, 2010

What a Night!!!

It is during times like the Super Bowl when we forget for a time what country we live in and we get to be full blow Americans. The Hashes, the Eifings, Susan Ellis, Erin S. (I forget how to spell her VERY Polish last name) and I gathered at around 10:30 to start the pre-game show!

We did not really care who was in the SuperBowl (most of us are Bronco fans), but we did care about seeing the game in ENGLISH!!! I have been fortunate in that my cable company here in Poland has added ESPNAmerica where I get American sports from the original stations. We did not get the commercials, but we got everything else! What a great night! I must say though, that the half-time show was a bore.

The game started at 12:30 am and finished at about 3:45 am. Today we all feel a little "jet lagged" but it was well worth it. I was out numbered by our group for routing for the Colts (Payton Manning, specifically).

The game? I thought it would be a walk away for the Colts, but those Saints. . . they did come MARCHIN' in! Great game guys! So sad for you, Payton! I know you really wanted this one!

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