Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I met Saddam Hussein last night! REALLY!

The little boy's name is Saddam Hussein. His mother was very proud of her little boy. I just smiled and said, "Hey Saddam!"

Last night I joined our "new" Fala missionaries who are with Kings Kids (YWAM) to go and deliver Operations Christmas Child to the Chechen refugee camp that has been established in Poland. It is amazing that a group of Muslims have been able to stay in a Catholic country. It has been a hard life for this group of people. Many of the men are wanted by the Russian government, so it was hard to get good pictures without compromising their safety. The Polish government has not given this group political asylum yet and really does not have the money to do so, so they live in limbo. I was saddened by the lack of respect for the women of this culture. The women do EVERYTHING while the men sit around smoking, joking and "working" in black market jobs. There is nothing to do and no legitimate jobs, so babies are plentiful and the building is filled with the sounds of children. This group of people are not only lost physically, but also spiritually! They follow the ways of Islam and anything else seems worthless to them. Oh, Lord, would Your Truth penetrate the hearts of these people?

The encouraging thing me me is to see a group of Polish youth love the Chechen's in the name of Jesus! They return time after time to share love and laughs with the Chechen kids. It was inspiring to see these young people learning to reach out and lead others one step closer to Jesus.
Below are pictures of our time at the Chechen "camp".

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