Monday, January 25, 2010

It is COLD! Global Warming "ALIVE" and "WELL" ;)

Yesterday as I was getting into my car, I looked down at my "atmosphere" temperature reader and had to look at it a few times!  It said -17C.  That is almost 0F!  Today it is -13C with 72% humidity.  It is our warming trend!  :)  It is COLD and everything that is happening is happening inside.   I was thinking back on the first night I got here in 2006.  It was the coldest night in 75 years and there was at least 1 meter of snow on the ground. . . It feels the same way!  So far my car is still working.  :)   Tea and coffee are flowing through my veins!   It amazes me how much "global warming" talk is still taking place.  This is one of the coldest times in recent history! Some must have Mother Earth be more powerful than one TRUE GOD, in order to have faith in her. 

Please pray that even during this cold snap, students will come and see how they can grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus!

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jason said...

Crazy! I saw some clips on the news last night from Poland and this big river basically frozen over.... Looked like Antarctica out there!
stay warm!