Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MSP 2010!

I am here in Stronie Śląska, Poland with 90 young people! Each year we do a Snow Camp as an "exposure experience" for those who would not normally step foot in the doors of a church. What is wonderful this year is that a group of young people whom we have been working with over the past 3+ years is leading it!

The snow is awesome and the snowboarders and skiers are even better! Wow! What a great week it has been! My highlight so far is watching our young leaders take the reins and fully lead this camp on their own. It is some of the best "on the job leadership training" with the support of us who love them. It has been exhausting for many of them, but they keep leaning on God to love on their peers! Please pray for the rest of this week!

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