Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What a WEEK!!!!

Last week was one of the
most exciting, trusting weeks I have witnessed our leadership team
experience in a long time. It was a week of many more non-believers
then the past and that created a much different atmosphere for the

Thursday night did not go as well as our leaders had hoped and Friday
looked like a bust since one of our special guests was unable to
come. What to do on the last night of camp? We prayed and God
moved! He got our team into contact with one of the best musicians
in Poland (he plays for a Christian choir called TGD), a
rapper, and an amazing singer who almost won Poland's "I've Got
Talent". (MSP has always been low keyed when it came to presenting
the Gospel. It is a relationship building "God exposure" type
camp.) These three artists wanted to say what the Spirit put on
their hearts and was obvious that God brought them here for a
special reason, so we did not stand in their way! The night was
amazing! They sang, played and rapped to everyone's content and
then gave the Gospel in a simple, non-religious, extreme, 'in your
face' style that resonated with the campers. Several were moved and
some even decided to take the step to engage in the most extreme
"sport" out there, following Jesus!

On our drive back to Katowice, I had a three hour discussion with a
young woman who classified herself as a "Peter" because she denied
Jesus last year and thought that she was no longer worthy of His
love. I was able to share with her that it is Jesus' Grace that
makes us worthy, not our actions. Jesus forgave and restored Peter.
She smiled and and said, "I guess he did!" I was then able to turn
her over to one of our leaders (who was in the back seat and who
lives in the same city.) They plan to meet next week and start
reading the Bible together and go to church together.

At church on Sunday, I was surprised to see a young woman who had
been coming to MSP for years. She told me that it was time that she
took the step to follow Jesus. I hope to start meeting with her
next week to help her on her journey with Jesus!

These are just two stories of how God stepped in and moved. In the
past four years, I have never seen Him move this strongly at MSP
Snowboard Camp. Please continue to pray that these campers will
continue to seek God! May God be Glorified!!!!!

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