Thursday, September 10, 2009

Physical Therapy: Day Two

WARNING! Before you read this, you need to know that, what I am telling you has not injured me in any way, it just may sound like it may.

Well, today I was prepared! When the nice handsome young man asked me to take my shirt off so he could administer the laser therapy on my arm, I had a lace strapped t-shirt on! Yes! No more showing off my beautiful bra to the Polish medical world! Tomorrow I wear my brown one!

So, I get put on these sci-fi looking blue tinted glasses (I love anything sci-fi) so that the laser does not kill my eyesight even though the laser is going into my shoulder. . . hummmm. The then laid on a plastic "bed" that had magnets in it so that my bone would be stronger. . . hummmm. After my PT I then had Physical Training with my therapist. My shoulder was really hurting after yesterday's workout, so today was a "relaxing" day so that my muscles could recover from yesterday. (We both were pushing my shoulder too hard.) I go tomorrow for a "calcification" session where they "push" calcium through my skin and into my bone. . . hummmmmmm. I have NO idea what that is going to look like, but I will keep you up to date. . . . Oh, I also now have three little wholes in my skin due to the electric current therapy I had yesterday too! Ah, culture. . . you've gotta love it!!! :)

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