Friday, September 11, 2009

Yet Another Day of PT

Well, today was more relaxing and my shoulder is feeling better. The PT doctor is concerned about the the amount of calcium that has been "infused" into my bone. So, until I get that done, my physical therapy is to a minimum.

My English speaking helper was not there to give me the magnetic and laser treatments, so I got to practice my Polish. I must say, that they were impressed with the amount of Polish I can speak! I then met with my therapist in the "gym" and he showed me some exercises that I can do while I am at our JV fall conference next week in the Czech Republic.

I can report that the shoulder has more muscles than I ever thought was possible. BOTH shoulders now hurt, but it is a good hurt. :) Monday, we hope to do the calcium infusion. . . I will report what that looks like!

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