Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Language Blunder From the Other Side!

As many of you know, my neighbor is a doctor and teaches at the English speaking medical school here in Katowice. Her English is not the best outside of medical terms and her "American" students are from Asia, but they have US citizenship. Their English is not very good either. :) You can imagine the class.

Well, the other day she told me about how she made a very funny English blunder. She had a few American students with her and got busy with a patient, so she wanted the students to go and study. So she told them, "Please to the restroom and wait for me." The students looked at each other and then walked away. She could not find them in the break room because they went to the bathroom! "Rest room" in Polish just what it is, a room to take a rest, our break room. The bathroom here is called the "toilet". We laughed and laughed at the blunder and she will never send her students to the "restroom" again! :)

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Chris and Ashley said...

Ha! I love it. I accidentally called the lady at seven eleven "stupid" when asking for a bag. Oops :0)