Friday, September 25, 2009

Language Progress Report

I have had many conversations in both Polish and English lately. . . I cannot remember which ones where in which language, but can remember what I talked about. . . I think I am progressing!!! Yippee!!! I had my first FULL spiritual conversation in Polish the other day. I made grammatical mistakes, but I DID it! In Polish! What a great encouragement it was to my heart and the girl I was talking to, understood and helped me when I got stuck. . . I am even more pumped to beef up on "church" vocab!! Thank you, Lord!


Tyler and Melinda said...

Whohoo!! That's awesome Alice. I remember just how challenging it was to try and learn the inflected form of "to be" in Polish. There is just so much to remember and think about when speaking it. Congratulations!!

Chris and Ashley said...

Congratulations! That is such great news. I know how much a strong command of the language can be an encouragement and help you feel more confident and at "home". Good for you!