Monday, August 31, 2009

What is God Up To?

Sunday night I experienced something I have not seen in a very long time. For the past few weeks God's Spirit has been moving in the hearts of people in Katowice. One of the churches in our town experienced a revival in their service two weeks ago. It is a church that has been all but completely dead. The pastor is dumbfounded at what is happening in his flock. I spoke with him Sunday night and he asked me to continue to pray that the Spirit will continue to touch people's hearts. I have never seen him look so young. God is moving in wonderful ways.

The same night a Christian businessman from our church hosted out city wide evangelistic play called "Heaven's Gate, Hell's Fire". It is a hour long play consisting of several scenarios about what salvation is and what it is not. At the end, people are asked to come forward to talk more or to pray to follow Jesus. It was amazing to see so many come forward. As they were walking forward. A "competing" activity in the same park was having a fireworks display. It was as if the fireworks were going off just at the same time that people were stepping forward. My spirit was moved.

Along with that, I met many students in the park that day and was able to encourage and challenge many of them in their new school year. It was a GREAT weekend!

Something is happening here in Katowice. . . I am not sure what it is. The Spirit is moving and the evil one is attacking too! There is a war going on and I ask for our American family to join us but fighting on their knees

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Jen said...

Hooray for having your brace off (even though it means starting the long and frustrating road of physical therapy).

Hooray for your trip and soul-nourishing time with friends and kids.

Hooray for being able to witness God working in Katowice.

I'm so excited for you!