Monday, August 24, 2009

This weekend my teammate, Susan and I went to Wrocław to visit our other teammates, the Eiflings. We celebrated my brace coming off by going to Starbucks! What a great treat! We only have 2 Starbucks in the whole country!

The Eiflings have two little ones, David (2) and Natalie (1). It was great to be Auntie Alice this weekend! David insisted that I watch "Cars" with him. His mom got this shot of us watching Lightning McQueen win the big race. David gets so excited watching this movie, even though he watches it almost everyday. It was fun to be a kid even for a few hours. :)

God knew that I needed this blessed time. He has provided me a family here in Poland to help ease the pain of being so far away from my Denver family.

He has provided for me this whole summer as I have been one handed. I now have my brace off and am trying to rehab. I almost wish I still had the brace because the pain is much greater now due to the muscles and tendons being immobile for 6+ weeks. It is a good pain, though. I know I am healing! I am still taking mega doses of calcium! I take it is these effervescent tablets that taste great. They remind me of the "fizzy root beer" tablets I used to love when I was 5 years old! I wish we had those again! :)

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Denver grandma said...

Looks like you are practicing up for when you come home and watch CARS with David, here in the states. He loves the movie. I believe it is a "Boy Thing". Just like guns and little boys. They will make a gun out of anything.