Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On Being back for 3 weeks. . .

It has been a good and yet hard return to Poland. I have been back home for almost three weeks now and I have walked into a flurry of activities and stories of hurting and happy people. Sometimes I have sat in my living overwhelmed and wondering what God is doing here in Poland. Why is He not protecting his own? Why is He allowing so much pain and suffering for those whom he loves and leads? Why are some people doing well and others doing so bad?

Even though I have not walked in to a "smooth" life back here in Poland, I am reminded that nothing that is happening has taken Him by surprise and that even through pain, there is also peace and comfort as we fully depend on Him and allow Him to fill the emptiness that is felt by those who are going through troubles along with those who are walking an easier life (for now).

As I go through the book of John with one of my students, I am reminded of all of the hardships that Jesus went through because of His compassion on the hurting. He was in perfect community with the Father and Spirit as he comforted and healed.

This week we are talking about the woman at the well and how her life was less than wonderful. Jesus offered His living water to fill her soul. He did not offer her a better life, but a fuller life. That is want I want! I want a life full of living water so I will never thirst again. Even when the desert comes, I will still be satisfied because my source is outside of my circumstances, it is from the One who loves me better and deeper than I can ever imagine! Thank you Father!

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Chris and Ashley said...

Thanks for writing this. It is very encouraging!