Thursday, February 05, 2009

MSP A Week of Snowboarding and Conversations About God

I sat amazed tonight. MSP is normally a camp where we merely introduce the idea of God and who He can be in a person's life. This camp has been different though. Tonight we had a wonderful young man from Canada give his testimony and then show the trailer to the Czech movie "MOST". It is the dramatization of the story about a train engineer who had to make a choice between his son's life or the life of the passengers on the train. It is a touching story and the way Grant tied the story to the love that God has for each MSP attendee was great!

We then broke into groups to have a short discussion time. One and a half hours later we finally had to break things up. The groups did not what not stop talking.
One personal story, is about a young man from my youth group has had problems for the past few years and has been very distant from God and the church. I have seen his heart move over the past few months though, and hoped that this would be the camp to confirm to him who God is in his life. He was appointed a co-leader for a group. (I was surprised.) During the discussion time, he left. My heart sank. Then 5 minutes later he returned WITH HIS BIBLE!!!!! After the discussion time I took him aside and affirmed his growth. He got tears in his eyes and said, "I really needed my Bible tonight." It is amazing how God is starting to stir more and more in the lives of young men and women here in Poland!!


Snowboard Breaks said...

Great! Interesting topic. I really enjoy with the team which enjoys time, place and sports while God is the center of this. I think you have the best skiing and snowboarding vacation while on building on each other. Cheers.

Chris and Ashley said...

What a cool experience and what an answer to prayer! It did not escape my attention that your previous blog was wondering what God is doing, and in this one, He is making His presence and work clearly known. How cool!

Antof9 said...

I love "I really needed my Bible"! That's awesome, Al :)

Kurt Davis said...

Hi Alice,

Glad to hear it's going well. We have been praying for Grant this week, that God would use him in this special opportunity to continue this outreach to the snowboard community.Shared your Blog link with all of our WHFB contacts on Thursday night, so you'll have lots of new visitors to your Blog.


(aka Krista Davis's dad)

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