Friday, January 09, 2009

How you know you are back in Europe/Eastern Europe . . .

1. Smiles come only from fellow Americans and those you know.
2. Coal smog on the highway.
3. HUGE lines at the store and people purchasing boxed non-refrigerated milk.
4. Beer and water sold on the same lane (beer almost cheaper than water)
5. Parking spaces made for BMW's mini-cooper, but you have a mid-sized station wagon.
6. No left turns, you have to drive around the block to go left.
7. No snow blowers, only humans shoveling.
8. Drivers actually know HOW to drive in a round-about intersection! Thank you!
9. Not understanding 1/2 of the signs, again.

And the 10th sign that you are not in American anymore . . .

10. Going to the bathroom with a man cleaning the next stall! can we say, awkward???? :)


majka said...

bardzo się ciesze, że już wróciłaś...mam nadzieję, ze wciąż mówisz po polsku;]
do zobaczenia w niedziele????
widziałam dziisja Twój samochód.

Tyler and Melinda said...

Welcome back Alice! I remember thinking all those things after we returned one time. LOL!
Do you have lots of snow in Katowice? Hope you settling back in quickly. We love hearing about life there via your blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad I didn't get to see you while you were in CO! I'm not really able to get out and about much since I'm in a wheelchair now and my transportation schedule is based on when and where other people are going... la la la. grrr.

Love the list of you know when's... good times! It's odd how such strange and bizarre things can make one feel so at home :) Praying for you!