Friday, January 09, 2009

What do you do at 4 a.m. and jetlagging? Write a blog update!

It is Friday, and 4 a.m. I am jet lagging and hoping that by writing this I will get tired again and fall back to sleep. Please forgive the run ons and weird sentence structures . . . Here is a look in the jet lag life of Alice Robbins!

Here we go . . . .

I got back to Poland Wednesday evening and woke up at 5 a.m. due to jet lag. Yuck! It is anywhere between -1 to -20ºC with at least 80% humidity. . . Toto, we're not in Colorado anymore! No blue sky, nor warm sunshine. I love my seat warmers! It is good to be home!

Here is a summery of my trip home!

My flight was great! I sat next to an older German woman who wanted to practice her English and then found out that there was an older Czech woman in the seat behind me who did not speak any English. Here I go again, using my broken Polish to help out a fellow Eastern European! :) I spoke to her in the little Czech that I remembered after not really speaking it for 15 years (it is very similar to Polish) and found out that she is the mother of Milan Hejduk’s girlfriend or wife. . . not sure which one. Is he married? Anyway. The woman took out her pictures and there he was, in all of his Avalanche glory! Milan and her wonderful daughter. I was about to help her out on a few occasion with some confusion. What was even better though is the fact that as soon as she heard Polish and a friendly face to help her, you could feel her relief. It was a great experience. I got to Frankfurt for a 5 hour layover and the information person told me that I needed to leave and go through passport control. I was not sure of those instructions, so I asked someone else and they did not know what to tell me. Please note that if you ever come through Frankfurt, have lots of time to try and find out where you are to go and then be prepared that you will be told the wrong information! So I am sitting here at the McDonald’s in the airport wondering if I really want a hamburger . . . and it hits me that I am really not in America anymore. I always have this transition feeling here at this Mickey D’s. It is my portal to my next reality of Poland.
It was so hard to say good-bye to my family this time. I wish Scotty from the USS Enterprise would hurry up and get his transporter working! :)

I found my gate and ended up having to go through Passport control. Reason: Poland is now officially part of the E.U. so I do passport and customs in Poland, but do not need to get my bags. . . I don't understand it, but it worked. :) I met a little Polish grandmother who started speaking to me (in Polish) and decided that she would be my guardian/Polish teacher for the next 1 1/2 hours of waiting for the plane. . . Jet lag, Polish, little Grandma . . . tiring, comforting, funny died red hair!
Dan Hash met me at the airport and picked me up in my car. Something is different in it. . . it has more zip, more "pow"! Big repair bill! It seems that the previous owner has an electrical problem and his mechanic put in the wrong computer chip to repair it. Well, that has been causing me little problems and two months in my mechanic's garage, to figure it out. Well, he did and after a HUGE bill, it works! Hate the money I have to pay, love the results!
On the way home Dan informed me that we had our team meeting the next morning and asked if I would consider going. Of course! Was there any question about it? So yesterday I spent almost 6 hours of mostly Polish amazed by how much I understood! Whahoo!

Special note: I got home and opened my door to a huge "Welcome Home!" sign and my neighbor girls yelling and laughing with me! I took and shower and then when upstairs to share tea and stories with them! What a great welcome home!

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