Friday, October 17, 2008

Have you ever had one of THOSE days?

Read this as if I was talking!

I have been fighting a cold all week. I was laid up for Monday and Tuesday, but got going enough to do a few things on Wednesday. Thursday was almost ALL day and evening of Polish, which was good but helped my already bad headache get worse!

I woke up today feeling better and thinking, "Oh no! It's Thursday! I need to get my car into get fixed!" I drove to my mechanic's and on the way got behind a Tram/car crash. I had to wait in traffic 20 minutes while my oil light blinking and the warning buzzer was making me nervous! I got to my mechanic and he looked put out with me. I did not understand this. He spoke very fast (in Polish) and said, "I told you that you needed to bring your car in on Thursday. I cannot get it fixed until Monday or Tuesday now."
"But it is Thursday." I said.
"What?" he had a very strange look on his face. He got under my car's hood and kept saying things I did not understand. I could tell he was not happy with me. Apparently Poles do not "miss" days of the week. . . EVER! :)
So, I called Dan Hash. He is GREAT with car vocab and I knew he would not let me down. Eliasz told Dan something and then gave me the phone. "Alice, you were to bring the car in yesterday."
"What do you mean? He said Thursday."
"Alice. . . today is Friday."
"What?" Where did my Thursday go, I thought.
"Bad news Alice, you cannot have your car until next week."
"Okay. We will work with it."
Eliasz realized that I was abit "out of it" today so he smiled and started on my car.

It would not be a big deal had I not made plans to go to Wroław (2 hours by car) to see some friends and I know it would be VERY bad to not go. So I am on the train tomorrow! :)

Eliasz took me to the tram stop and I went to Costa Coffee (England's version of Starbucks) to meet Dan and read a book. It was a good time. We needed to unlock my cell phone so I can use it in the States when I am there and that took going to 5 different places! I then went home to face a dirty house and a splitting headache! I also had to try and find a train schedule to get to Wrocław. Never done it before, but we will see how well I did tomorrow when I go to buy my ticket! :)

Okay, so tonight we had an evangelism meeting for high schoolers, and I had to get there by tram. NO PROBLEM! I even like the tram! When it works. . . I got on the tram an hour before the meeting knowing that I would get there 20 minutes early. GREAT time to hang with the kids! A group of guys who looked like they were up to no good got on the tram and were very loud and my "Spidy" sense went up. I kept on eye on them just in case.

The tram was going and then it started to slow down. . . okay a hill no be deal. . . slower, slower, slower. . . STOP! The conductor said, "Sorry, it is broken. It will take 30 minutes." Well, I only had 40 to get to the meeting place, so I got off and started walking.

Then the sky then opened up and it started to RAIN! Not a few drops but a down pour with cold wind! I rn to the next tram stop to get shelter and called Dan because I knew he was on his way and would come this way and could pick me up, but another tram came pushing the broken tram, so I jumped on and hoped for the best.

We pushed the other tram up the hill and almost did not make it. When we got to the city center the conductor yelled, "Everyone off!" Which sounds meaner than in Polish than in English. It was NOT my stop and it was still raining. Good thing another tram was right behind! So I jumped on that one.

I got to my destination and ended up walking around for about 15 minutes because I did not know where the meeting was, but I found it. When I walked in, I heard beautiful music and spent the next hour and half enjoying listening to "secular" music being used as an evangelistic tool.

After the music I was able to talk to a number of my students from MOOSK and MOOSK on I.C.E. It was a GREAT time!

God was with me the whole day! Even with all of this, I knew that He would not give me more than I could handle today. I am grateful for this day!


Jen said...

I feel very tired after reading that. I'm glad you survived and were chipper enough to tell the tale. :) Have fun in Wrocław!

Just Us - The Carlsons said...

Alice!! I may have gone home, but your love for people and inner drive to NOT let anything get the best of you pushed on!! YEA!


Just Us - The Carlsons said...

Hey will you show me how to do blog and facebook stuff this weekend?

What would you like to eat? Or would you like to cook for us?? ha ha.

Crystal said...

Tried to send you an email but it bounced... then I read your blog and it answered one of my questions but here is the other one... Do you need a SIM card while you are here? I have a line already activated and not being used. You would be welcome to the SIM so that you don't have to pay for mobile phone service while you are in the US.