Tuesday, October 14, 2008


On Saturday a new club was introduced to Katowice! It is called MOOSK on I.C.E. What is I.C.E. you may ask? International Club of English! My friend Erin and I use our English as a way to communicate Jesus' love to the youth here in Katowice. Our first meeting was held at the only American looking and sounding place, the "City Rock Cafe". Sound familiar? :)

We had 7 students and a GREAT time! It may sound like something small, but it is not! Four of these students have BIG English exams at the end of the school term which will help determine if they get into the University or not.

I am finding that life living Christ's love is just as important as telling about Christ's love. This is a place where we want to offer students something practical that helps their live, not just fill their souls. I love this group of young people and I love working along side Erin!

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what a fun-looking club!