Monday, July 07, 2008

How will they Know, if No one tells them?

The latest statistic is that only 1% of Eastern European youth know and follow Jesus! That is 1 out of 100! We had 80 at camp, so that means that statistically no one there should have known Jesus. Our camp beat the stats, though! We had a great group of Canadian and Polish believers loving on the non-believers!

Some campers made the step to follow Jesus. A few made the step to come back after walking their own path for a while. Others came, had a good time, but still want to be master of their lives. No matter what group the campers were in, God's Spirit was there!

I will show you more "fun" pictures, but first I want you to see the faces of camp and ask that you will continue to pray for them. These are kids from my city, so I will be seeing them throughout the year!

Tomorrow I rest and then hit it again on Wednesday for camp number 2!

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Jen said...

Ooo. I like the camp shirts this year. Snag a medium for me, will ya? ;) Good to see all these pictures, Alice. Hope the next camp goes well.