Thursday, July 17, 2008

God Moves in His Own Time!

Camp has been filled with wonderful surprises for me! My Church group from the States has been doing camp with the Baptist Church from Zielona Gora for 7 years now. The youth group was unable to come this year, but several former youth group members come for this camp. ZG's faithful pastor, Mariusz, decided to train someone to take his place in the future. I would have NEVER guessed this one a few years ago!

Let me introduce you to a young man who has made a 180 degree turn in life.

This is Alex. I met him 7 years ago. He was in my English class and we hit it off right away. His English was very good and his sarcasm was fun. I also saw pain and emptiness in his eyes as we spoke about more serious subjects. Alex was also a bit of a problem at camp. He loved his humor (which was very cutting at times) and loved charming the ladies. He came to several camps and each year left the same way he came, empty. Each time I left camp, it is was with a heavy heart for this young man's soul.

A few years ago, I received an email from him stating that he had turned his life over to Jesus. I was amazed and moved by this declaration. Last year he entered Josiah Venture’s 9 month internship program where students learn about the Theology, Bible Doctrine, Leadership, Serving and Soul Care. I spoke with him a few months into it and wondered if it was a mistake to have him in it, because it seemed that he had not changed very much. (Oh ye of little faith!) He stayed and finished the program. God worked on Alex's heart! There was a softness and compassion in his eyes that I had never seen before. Tears came to my eyes when I saw him open the Bible and read it in May and then again as I heard him passionately pray for the campers today.

Today, Alex is the one whom Mariusz is training to lead. Last night, Alex spoke on love and did a great job. I am praying that God will continue to grow this young man into a man after His own heart! I sit here as I am typing amazed by how God reaches those who we think are unreachable. Alex has shown me that NO ONE is too far from God, if they open their hearts to Him! And that it takes people who are willing to enter into relationships no matter what the outcome. We are to love others, period! Thank you, Lord for bringing Alex to Yourself!

P.S. We have 4 more days of camp! Please pray that God will move in others and that our team will be able to love well!


Dan Luebcke said...

Alice, my heart rejoices in the work of God in the heart of Alex. Tell him HI and give him a hug for me!

Jen said...

How exciting!!! Tell him HI from me, too.