Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's here!

Tomorrow morning we leave for camp! I have spent an incredible week with our team of Canadians! They have been wonderful! They were so prepared that we were able to cut out two prep times and spend that time building into one another and the youth group here!

Last month my prayer for camp was that we would have at least 70. We would not eat it too much on the empty spaces and it looked like we might make it. Yesterday, we registered our 81st camper!!! God is so good!

I look forward to this camp and to meet more students from Katowice! I hope to continue building into both the youth of Katowice as well as the youth of the Canadian youth group!

One camp! 2 more after that! I love my "job"!

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Denver grandma said...

May God bless each person involved in the camps this year. We are all praying that God will revial himself to those who attend. We are also praying for protection over each leader and worker in the camp.