Monday, July 21, 2008

His Ways and Thoughts Are Not Mine . . .

This past week has been about remembering God's timing and never ending love for the Polish youth. I have been blown away by how God's Spirit moves and how He changes the hearts of young people, even those who we wonder if they will ever turn to Him. Isaiah 55 was a constant theme in my mind this week.

Four years ago a young man came to camp with the Zielona Gora youth group. He was filled with anger and thought camp would be where he could be "free". He brought drugs to camp and stole some cell phones on the last day. Mariusz, the director of camp showed mercy and did not call the police, but told this young man to never come back to camp. Many of our team were heavily burdened for this lost soul and our hearts broke as we returned to the US. We later lost all contact with him but always wondered what happen to him. (Tori Loomis, Mickey Lang and I were at this camp four years ago.)

Yesterday, Łukasz walked into camp. There was joy on his face and love in his eyes! He sat down and told us the rest of his story. He came to Christ two years ago and decided to pay reparations to everyone who he has wronged. Łukasz was on the internet the other day and found our camp. He saw that there was just a few days left and wanted to apologize to Mariusz for the trouble caused. So, he jumped on a train, found us and and we rejoiced!

Today, Łukasz is a worship leader in his church in Opole (just an hour West from Katowice) and is training to become a youth pastor! He lives in the largest "block" neighborhood which is filled with young people struggling with drugs and violence. He wants to reach them for Christ and share with them how he was truly set free! "My new life is because of camp! You make a difference! Thank you for coming!" He told us.

God has used these camps to show young people HIS LOVE! He worked on Łukasz in his timing, even as we wondered what God was up to. This has been a HUGE week of how God works in HIS TIME!


Jen said...

I was at that camp, too. I remember how disheartening the whole situation. Praise God for rescuing him and for allowing us to hear the rest of the story.

And how cool is that for Mariusz?!

Connie said...

WOW! God is so good!! It was pure joy to read this post and rejoice in the Lord's work in yet another's life. I'm still shaking my head and saying to Him, "You are SO AWESOME"! Thanks for sharing this on your blog.

arjones said...

He was in my English class that year!! He was such a pain in my butt! Praise God! That is awesome! I love hearing things like this!

Gow_spot said...

wow Alice-- that is great!

soooo super great to see God TRANSFORM lives.... oh the joy to see HIS joy in the eyes of a brotha!

sounds like you are loving life and soaking up every minute of what God is doing over there!

sooo great!
Praise Him!

keep up the great work!