Wednesday, July 23, 2008

They're Back And Bigger!

A few people have thought that my Polish friends were making up their attack pig story. Well, I have all of the summer interns to verify that the story is true! As we were leaving for last week's camp, we all saw 9 wild pigs, 3 momas and 6 piglets. When I was coming home I saw the same group of pigs on the other side of the road. This morning I heard some commotion in my back yard and thought is was the dreaded cats who love my porch. I looked out and saw some figures jumping through my my bushes. I now have pigs digging up roots to eat in my backyard and using my wonderful grass as their bathroom! Yuck!

People here have been feeding these wild animals and so I am afraid they are here to stay. I just hope that we don't have anymore wild encounters like my friends had a few weeks ago.