Monday, March 17, 2008

A look into the city I call Home

Ah. . . . . Katowice! (Kah - toe - vee - sey) Some call it modern, some industrial, some dirty, others, an "arm pit". I call it HOME.

This 140 year old city has over 400,000 people in the city but is surrounded by several other smaller cities which brings the metro area up to almost 2 million. It has 23 universities with over 80,000 students. Over 40% of the area is covered with forest and grasslands. Still at the beginning of a cold snap, you see coal smoke filling the air. It is getting better though as old home and apartments convert to central heating.

The people: I have found the people to be wonderful yet very reserved and a bit untrusting. It takes a while for them to warm up, but when they do, they have welcomed me and love the idea that I am trying to learn their language. Even strangers are amazed that I am trying to tackle this language.

The Future: Katowice has the potential to be the one city that will be the gateway to both west and east! It is exciting to see both the location and drive of the Katowice people. It is quickly becoming a major sports, music and art venue. I personally see a great future but also one full of many trials. I see this city becoming more and more independent from God and more and more in need of a Saviour!

Just a little look into the place I call home!

Yes! We also have a sports arena that looks like spaceship! You can see it on the top of the picture!

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