Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why We Fight . . . Why I Learn Polish

This past month has been crazy with Polish and meetings and teammates getting back from Christmas time in North America . . . I can not believe almost a month has gone by since I have blogged!

I have been watching "Band of Brothers" to get a flavor of this area of the world and insight of culture. One episode was entitled, "Why We Fight". It was an episode where Easy company has been on the front lines of the battle and a very long time. They are tired and many are questioning why they are there. Why fight this war? Why not just go home? Then, they stumble across a camp where the stench could be smelled before the camp was seen . . . as you guess, it was a concentration camp. For the rest of the episode the soldiers understood why they were going through hardship and struggle. They were reminded of the "big picture".

Today I had a similar experience with my Polish. I have been frustrated with what I have seen as my lack of progress of Polish. One of my new Polish friends asked me if she could ask me a personal question. I said, "Of course, you can ask anything."

"What is the difference between real life with God and religious activity?" I almost fell out of my chair. Did she really ask this and am I to answer this question in . . . . . Polish?

So, in my very broken Polish, I explained my relationship with Jesus. I needed help with words, but she understood what I said and asked if I would come back next week to our meeting earlier so we could have more time to talk more on this subject.

Today I was reminded of the "Big Picture." I have been so focused this month on MY VIEW of my lack of language progress, that I have not been in tuned with what God is doing in His Big Picture! Please forgive me, Lord!

WHY I LEAN POLISH . . . This conversation was worth all of the doubts, struggles, and desires to give up. I was able to share my passion and heart with this dear woman. She is very good in English, so if I really get stumped we can continue in English, but she wants to talk about Jesus! She wants to know what life is like outside religious activity!

O Lord, may Your Name be Glorified! Thank you for Polish! Thank you for giving me the words today!


Crystal said...

Yea! I'll be praying for that conversation next week!

ann marie said...

Hey Alice!
I'm so excited for your questions to answer :) Wow! How have follow-up conversations gone? How are you doing? Are you on Facebook? I pray you have a lovely and blessed day today. Praying for you!!!!