Monday, November 19, 2007

Which Way Do You Turn?

Have you ever found yourself looking for something or someone and spent a good patch of time knowing where you need to be, but cannot get there?

I had that experience Saturday as I was trying to meet with one the women at the church. I knew the area where she lives, and then, as I was following her directions, thought that I had forgotten her neighborhood.

Lydia speaks less English than I speak Polish. I called her to get directions. Hey, directions in Polish are not that hard. I called and she said (in Polish) "Go 3 lights and turn right at the 3rd intersection." Okay, so I did. I turned right after 3 lights. I turned right into the parking lot of a Catholic church. Hmmmmm . . . I know that was not it. I called and she said, "Oh! Aleeeeese, turn right, turn right! On Konserka" Which was not the name of the street because I could not understand her accent with her nervous taking. "Oh, oh, mission impossible, mission impossible!" (I was thinking "Too much Tom Cruise for you, my dear!") She said over and over until I totally cracked up!

It took me an hour of poor Lydia calling, smsing, yelling, and laughing. She was nervous about me getting lost forever. I knew where I was, just not her street. So, I found a map, went to a gas station and asked the gas attendant, in broken Polish, for directions. (I figured out what the name of the street is, but can not remember now. . . something like Kominka) Within 5 minutes, I found it.

What was the problem? She gave me directions coming from the church and and I was driving to the church! So her right was my left! HA!!!! I was giggling the whole time knowing that the problem had to be something that simple. Mission Impossible! Mission Impossible!

When I got to her door, she hugged me and thanked God that I got there safely. Instead of saying, "Aleese!", she said, "Mission Impossible!!!" I think it is now may be my new name. :) We spent the next 1 1/2 hours talking and laughing and continuing our language misunderstandings! It was a great night!

This is a story that I will cherish. Not only because it was a funny experience, but also because it reminded me that I need to be at the correct starting point, in order for directions to make sense. Oh, the little lessons we learn . . .


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