Monday, November 26, 2007

H2O Through the Eyes of a Work Team

I don't use this sight to promote many things. I want this to be about what my life is like here in Poland. Recently, my life has intersected with our new camp facility, H2O. We are at a point where we can not go much further without help from people who are willing to give of their time and muscles!

I am excited that the Polish churches have lead in this project this last spring. We are asking for teams to come form North America this next year to help us get the camp ready to open! The following is a video that one of the work teams did after they spent part of this summer with us at the camp. Watch it, pray about it, and see if God would like for you to help us out with H2O's Extreme Makeover!

If you would like to, please contact Kasia Vincent via my comment page. I will get you to her!

Enjoy the new work that God is doing in Poland!

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