Wednesday, November 14, 2007

God's little ways of blessing us!

In my last post I talked about living well through the struggle of acclimation. Today God gave me a little boost. This holiday season, I am going to try and bring a bit of Denver here this Thanksgiving by attempting my Grandmother's family Black Beans and Rice.

Today, I did a dry run since I have NEVER made them before and when I took the first bite I felt like I was at home in my Gram's kitchen eating one of my favorite treats that she would make for us. My tummy is full and I am grateful that even during this tough time, God "light" from home and I can enjoy it in my new home. He gave at wonderful gift to me today and I am very grateful.

I am seeing that all of those cooking lessons that Grams gave me through the years are starting to pay off!!!

Black beans and Rice, can't get much better than that. . . . well, only if you drink some Bongo Billy's River Blend Coffee with it! Yum!

1 comment:

Diana said...

Way to go Alice. The Black Beans and Rice looks wonderful. Wish I was there to enjoy them with you.
Grandma would be so proud!